Migrate to UK through Startup Visa From UAE , Kuwait, Saudi Arabia , Oman , Bahrain , Qatar

Have your framework a perfect business plan? It is time to reach out to Spryness Migration UK visa experts to set-up your business in the United Kingdom under the endorsement of the UK Higher Education Institution or Business Organization for modern-age Entrepreneurs

What is the UK Startup Visa Program?

In 2019, United kingdom immigration agencies have faced millions of applications under the Innovator Visa Program. To ease the process, U.K. immigration authorities have introduced the UK Start-Up Visa Program with comprehensive and unchallenging endorsement requirements for entrepreneurs with non-innovative but promising business plans. This Visa is solely for business-driven personalities with dreams to set up business in Britain.

To the readers’ surprise, this Visa Program for Startups does not demand initial funding. However, it demands personal financial stability as well as excellence in the English language to reduce communication barriers.

What do we do?

  • We run a free assessment for our potential clientele to review the suitability of candidates to the respective program.
  • We initiate the right endorsement application to specific endorsement UK offices including UK Higher education institutions as well as business organizations that offer support to brand-new entrepreneurs.
  • We examine and claim financial stability with the concerned authorities.
  • We help you through the application process 3-5 months before the actual immigration as per the guidelines.
  • We run a Lingual test to ensure zero-errors during the verification process.
  • We guarantee 100% medical stability with the concerned authorities in the UK.
  • We stand-by you through the process, and after the process.

What are the important conditions of the UK StartUp Visa Program?

  1. Candidates can stay for 2 years. Further, the visa is not renewable.
  2. After a span of 1 year in the UK, the candidate will be required to switch from StartUp Visa to Tier 1 Innovator Visa UK.
  3. If not, a candidate must re-apply for the Startup Visa program with a new endorsement before the first visa expiry.
  4. A candidate is not permitted to bring the family to the country.
  5. The candidate cannot work for another employer while running a business in the country.

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