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A residence permit allows a candidate to work in Finland, on the other hand, a tourist visa allows the candidate to stay and explore this amazing beautiful European territory for 3 months. Which do you choose? At Spryness Migration, we assist you in obtaining a visit, stay, work, residence, and investment permit in Finland with a 100% approval guarantee upon verification and free-of-cost assessment.”

Types of Finland Visa Programs

  • Residence Permit

Whether you are looking for residence permit alone or with family, Finland resident visa program demands a current valid passport as well as travel documents along with a bank statement for verification of financial stability.

On the other hand, if you are from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, or Sweden; you can travel in and out of Finland for business, work, job, study, and other purposes without any visa for 90 days. Furthermore, in the case of 90+ days, you must inform the purpose and register your name at the nearest police department in Finland.

Residence Permit of Finland comes with various perks such as the right to purchase property, start own business, social security, and healthcare benefits.

  • Finland Work Permit

To begin with, Finland’s work permit does not approve of the absence of a residence permit. Thus, clearly, two programs are linked. Therefore, before applying for a work permit visa program for Finland, you must register for a residence permit as a foreign national. Furthermore, candidates must also show proof of income/employment.

What are the exceptions of the Residence permit program for Finland?

Husband or Wife of Finnish citizen (citizen of Finland)
Registered partner of a Finnish citizen
Unmarried and underaged child, whose parents, guardians, or life partner live in Finland.
A person in a live-in relationship with a Finnish Citizen for at least 2 years irrespective of marital status, and sex life.

What do we do?

Spryness Migration helps in eliminating all loopholes in a candidate & application that may lead to disapproval. We assist you in comprehending the entire moving to Finland process along with “what to do in different scenarios such as marriage in Finland, live-in relationship in Finland, or newborn in Finland?”

Connect with us today and proceed for the Free Finland Immigration assessment to check your eligibility for any valid program.


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