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How to Get a Student Visa for Canada

Grasp higher education in Canada and latch on to the high-end employment opportunities across the Globe with Srpyness Migration, the top-leading immigration legal advisory, and consultancy in Dubai.

What is a Canada Study Visa?

A student holds many visions for his upcoming career. No immigration program for students serves better opportunities than the Canada Study Visa Program. At Spryness Migration, we walk our clientele through the accurate procedure with complete understanding and confidence. Our packages for student visa Canada remain cost-effective to fit your budget timeline along with a financial stability stratagem to praise you as the best-fit candidate for the given program

We present the following Study in Canada beginner’s guide for 100% comprehension of the program and resolution of any further doubts.

  • Study Visa in Canada authorized by Foreign (Canadian) officer.
  • It remains valid for 90 days upon complete course persuasion in Canada and further, can be renewed.
  • First-step to Study Visa Canada is the receival of LOA (Letter of Acceptance) via Designated Learning Institution.
  • The respective LOA includes a statement of acceptance, fee structure, timing, date of admission and so on.
  • The Institution (you want to admit into) must fall into the DLI List.
  • Temporary Resident Visa (applicable for few countries)
  • eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization (applicable for few countries)
  • Accommodation Plan.
  • Financial stability.
  • Lingual Test
  • Part-time Work Permit (if candidate demands)
  • Medical Examination and Certification (for courses with a duration of 7 months or more).
  • Complete documentation
  • Application submission online
  • Proof of Funds

What do we do?

Spryness Migration greets its potential candidates for Study Visa in Canada based on eligibility. Our world-class study permit team of immigration consultants help you to secure a well-paying future in Canada via going an extra mile. Upon the course completion, we assist you in grasping work permits, employment opportunities, and permanent residency.

“Connect with us online and consult the best upcoming studying programs in Canada with DLI authorization. We help you get there!”

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